Get Involved

The Youth Food Project needs a lot of help to get off the ground and build our garden!

We’ll post notices on the blog about work days and other volunteer opportunities while we’re breaking ground and getting the garden’s foundation set up.

Don’t want to miss a volunteer opportunity? Want a larger role in the project? Have supplies to donate?

Contact us through this blog or email Sylvan at

Supplies needed:

*Leaves (We need to work some nutrients into the soil! Drop off bags of leaves in our garden area, next to the solar array at the Middle School)



2 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Lisa Kennard says:

    My name is Lisa, I work for the LA Co OP. I am planning our youth coloring contest. In the spirit of the holidays we are rewarding donations made in name of the child who won instead of a toy prize. We want to support your program for not only your involvement with children but also the restoration of our community. I did not notice on your website anywhere to make monetary donations.
    Are you interested in receiving a donation under these conditions and if so, where can we mail the check?
    Thank you,
    Lisa at the Co OP

    • layfp says:

      Hi Lisa
      So sorry for the late response, I am new to this and need to get the kids involved very soon with the blogs. YES, we would LOVE a monetary donation for the project if that is still an option or if not another time maybe. All donations are going through the Family YMCA (attn: layfp). THANKS so much for your support and we look forward to working with the coOp very closely during this project!
      Stephanie Krantz

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