History Adventures at Fuller Lodge

We had a great time participating in History Adventures at Fuller Lodge hosted by the Los Alamos Historical Society.  Our portion of the program was on seed balls with a focus on forest fire recovery.  Hang on — forest fire recovery is related to food plant growth.  The grasses and wildflowers that grow after a fire need some of the same items that food plants need to grow.  The seeds need protection from drying out and wind, and nutrients for the seedlings.

We began our day by playing a quick game of “Fire and the Unit.”  The game starts by the Fire Chief yelling “FIRE!”  The other participants immediately move their arms up and down in a flowing motion while making hissing and crackling signs to mimic fire.  The chief then yells “Unit 3*!”  The participants quickly form circles of three.  All participants who make it into a circle of three continue onto the next round.  The above steps are repeated until two participants are left.  After fire is called by the chief, the chief will say “Unit Jump*” and the first participant to do the command wins.  The winner will become the next fire chief.

* the unit number changes for each round and is up to the chief to decide the number

** the chief calls out any command he chooses

After the game, we read a short story about a forest fire.  In the story, a tree was struck by lightening causing a fire.  Animals evacuated, fire fighters came and fought the fire.  By the next summer, grasses and wildflowers grew in the sun that was once shaded by trees and bushes.  Over time, bushes and trees grew and the forest looked as it did before the fire.

After story time, we had messy fun and made seed balls.  To find out more about seed balls, click on our May 3rd post titled “Seed Ball Making”.  The link is https://layouthfoodproject.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/seed-ball-making/

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